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Should Public Banks Print Money Without Holding Reserves?


The Giant Banks Are ALREADY State-Sponsored ... So Why Not Create Public Banks to at Least Share the Gains, Help Out Main Street, and Grow Our Local Economies? ... Economist Steve Keen writes today: Neoclassical economists do not understand how money is created by the private banking system – despite decades of empirical research to the contrary, they continue to cling to the textbook vision of banks as mere intermediaries between savers and borrowers. This is bizarre ... – Washington's Blog

Dominant Social Theme: If we could just print as much money as we want, everything will be OK.

Free-Market Analysis: Just yesterday we presented an article from Washington's Blog on US false-flag manipulations of the public. It was a bold summary of a dominant social theme that provided additional support for reports that have long appeared here. But we are somewhat disappointed with this recent financial article (see excerpt above) that also seems to us a kind of dominant social theme.

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