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Politicians 'Lying Through Their Teeth' on Greek Aid (and Everything Else Too)


Everyone understands that Jean-Claude Junker, the head of euro-zone finance ministers is a liar. He has openly admitted such. To what extent are other politicians lying?

Der Spiegel explains Politicians 'Are Lying Through Their Teeth' on Greek Aid

German commentators on Friday take a look at the latest efforts to save Greece, with a focus on the ECB's opposition to debt restructuring.

The center-right Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes:

"This time around, Schäuble seems to have at least won the support of Chancellor Angela Merkel for his idea of a 'soft' debt restructuring involving private creditors. But the whole thing reeks of internal political maneuvering designed to keep the growing number of skeptics in the coalition ranks in line. It's hardly surprising that the financial markets remain unsure and have no confidence in the rescue efforts. Instead of being the motor of European integration, the single currency now looks more like a bomb ticking away within the EU."

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All you need to do is read about Babylon in the Revelation - last book in the Bible - and you will have a clear picture of Big Business, Big Banking and Big Government of today's world.

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