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Why Growing and Preparing Your Own Food is the Future

 We grow a lot of our food here at BareMetal. Those fruits and vegetables are then turned into wonderful healthy meals for our employees. Its healthy, far healthier than buying food in the store. Picking the vegetables right off the vine and using them right away preserves vital nutrients and natural sugars, which further encourages you to eat more vegetables. In addition there is a lot more in natural food than just the known vitamins and minerals. We have acummulated a lot of knowledge in nutrition about which vitamins and minerals are essential to be free of malnutrition, but we know very little about what it takes to really flourish. Plants are full of organic chemicals for which we have no idea the function or role they might play in our bodies. We have co-evolved with plants and we need them to flourish; we have a symbiotic relationship with them. Processed foods remove a lot of nutrients from the food during processing, then they add known nutrients back to the product because it is so devoid of nutrition without them.

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