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GPS without GPS


Open Electronics just released a neat little board that can place you on a map without using GPS.

The board works on the basic principles of a cellphone network – the ‘cell’ network is a series of towers that are placed more or less equidistant to each other. Save for the most desolate parts of the country, a cell tower usually communicates with a phone one or two miles away. Usually, several cell towers can be seen, so the position of a cellphone can be pinpointed to within 200-350 feet. Translating cell towers to latitude and longitude is easily done by querying a Google database that was created for the mobile version of Google Maps.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Now here is a privacy business opportunity in the making.

Skype (among others) connects by computer to telephones. Set yourself up as a WiFi base - like most libraries and many grocery stores - and charge folks a few cents to make their calls through Skype on your WiFi, directly from their computer phone. No cell tower needed.

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