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SWAT killing of Marine in Tucson: Probe clears officers

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The five SWAT officers who fatally shot a former Marine while serving a warrant in Tucson have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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 I think all these stories put Larkin Roses article   When Should You Shoot A Cop  into perspective.  This type of lawlessness, a lawlessness that  makes a charade of any concept of rule of law or justice. It seems that there would be all sorts  of discussions about solutions since the price to pay for doing nothing is so high. We can continue to do nothing and what WILL happen is that some Americans will get fed up and doing what should be done to these cops. (Dispensing justice)  This is what the powers that be want  and have planned for.  Then they will call them terrorists (when just the opposite is true) and the war will be on. All I can say people is that we need to do something substantial and do it right now before this goes any further down hill. A start would be locking up of thousands of cops for multiple years. But how do we get there?



Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Temper Bay
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 Probe clears officers

Of course it did.  Was there any doubt that it would?  Just following orders - just following procedure.  Would we expect those who gave the orders, who wrote the procedures to fault those who carried out the orders? 

This was slaughter - planned by incompetents and executed by Rambo wannabes.

These five may now be protected by their masters - but they left that charnel house with the man's child still alive - alive to grow and remember its father was slaughtered by five cops. 

Comment by Anonymous
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I have nothing more to add except that reports were not clear whether it was an "AK-47" or "AR-15". But the reports settled these conflicting presentations and put it to rest: it was "an assault weapon" the dead ex-Marine was pointing to the raiding officers before he was gunned downed.

Nonetheless, this latest report came more than a month too late. My position had already cleared the raiding SWAT Team of any wrongdoing the minute the breaking news went through cyberspace.

Right at the very nth of the moment one points a gun to an arresting police officer – much more pointing an automatic riffle at fully-armed raiding law enforcements officers like SWAT who came to the house with a warrant – and even with or without a warrant and whether or not you are a drug-trafficking suspect or one engaged in criminal activities, I already pronounced you legally dead [at least that’s how cautioned my clients before I retired from the practice of law or the legal profession]. Your chance of not getting shot is less than one in a million if not zero.

When I hold in contempt preachers of violence like Larken Rose and his lost tribe who instigate the citizens not only to use force in resisting arrest, search and seizure but even to shoot it out with law enforcement officers like what this foolish ex-Marine did, I rested my case even long before the outcome was announced that proved I was not, and could never be, wrong.

But unless and until Larken Rose and his elves end up like the dead ex-Marine, there will still be more victims of violence under this philosophy of bloodshed they propagate, twisted as it is when it is justified as a legitimate revolt or patriotic struggle in the name of liberty and freedom. The finale has yet to come – and that is when they stop instigating and try it themselves like what the dead ex-Marine did. Six feet below the ground is where they would realize quite too late that they were so insanely wrong! But only then would the general public be safe.

Hope for the innocent citizens springs eternal … patiently wait until the likes of Larken Rose come down from their killing mentality in Cloud Nine and pray that here in the real world they will have the courage to try their philosophy of violence [resisting arrest, search and seizure with force] themselves! That would be the only chance to prove to themselves how their twisted arrogance in throwing people under the bus is not only so wrong but also so diabolically evil.

Let’s get away from this emotional torment that the Guerena case is an issue against violation of the Fourth Amendment Rights. The situation and the prevailing circumstances surrounding the case make this irrational Bill of Rights protest at least perfunctory if not so grossly irrelevant.

Neither should we be drawn into believing that Jose Guerena was an innocent man, a hero-victim of police brutality, because he was not, and has never been. Futhermore, to entertain this r3volutionary notion that with his death our liberty and freedom has died is a lot of bulls. Nothing but this is farthest from the truth.


Comment by Alan Neuman
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You just get off work and begin your sleep. You live in a bad neighborhood, but have no criminal record. You are a veteran and used to reacting quickly..Your wife suddenly screams at you there is someone trying to break into the house. You grab your gun and tell her to hide with the child. You go to investigate. Someone breaks down your front door and opens fire on you. You have done nothing wrong and everything right. You are now dead.  This wasn't SWAT serving a warrant, this was an asassination, plain and simple. No knock search warrants are unlawful. This SWAT needs to be charged with manslaughter at the very least.

Comment by Ed Price
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Innocent until proven guilty!

If SWAT was under orders, and those orders made their actions in this case to be acceptable, then a whole overhaul of the system is in order.

Consider Indiana's judicial that has recently condemned the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States as being "outdated," and therefore inapplicable, so that police may now enter any Indiana home virtually unannounced and unimpeded.

If this form of judicial activity remains the standard or becomes worse, the ancient Magna Carta offers more protection than the United States Constitution.

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