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Newlyweds miss out on dream honeymoon after TSA agents...


When newlyweds Michael and Kimberly Miranda arrived at their local airport in Columbus they were looking forward to a dream Caribbean honeymoon.

Flights to Florida had been booked, from where they would board the luxury cruise they had saved up to afford.

Unfortunately, the couple never made it past security after TSA agents are said to have investigated them for half an hour over a bottle of contact lens solution, causing them to miss their flight.

Mr and Mrs Miranda said they checked the Transport Security Administration website before they set off for their trip and arrived at Port Columbus International Airport more than an hour before their flight.

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In the airport, outbound passengers "normally" blame TSA for anything -- from missing their cup of coffee to missing the urinal or the toilet bowl -- and feel relieved of the pressure for standing in the line that moves even slower than the proverbial boat to Shanghai.

But to blame TSA for their stupidity in missing their flight, this honeymooning couple is at the wrong end of love-making. They love publicity at the expense of security of travelers in the airport. They think that at the airport, the check-in time required is something that they can just barge in and go through security after exchanging a honeymoon smile with TSA gropers for a pat-down free clearance! What kind of family planning do this newly married couple have – to produce offspring of bozos or create a family of funny, bungling brain-dead clowns?

Sorry, Comrad R3VOLUTIONARIES… this is not a good material for police-State bashing.


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