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Elevated Radiation Levels Widespread in Eastern Japan

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Unsafe levels of radioactive contamination have been reported from multiple sources throughout vast areas of eastern Japan in locations far away from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Science Magazine cites data from the prefectural government of Iwate revealing radioactive cesium has traveled over 100 miles away from Fukushima. Pastoral grasses are contaminated beyond safety standards

Japanese scientists have begun to track background radiation levels independently, according to the magazine’s report. Levels are exceeding acceptable safety limits in many locations.

A “citizens’ map” of radiation levels is being maintained by a group of Japanese bloggers. Levels appear highest near Fukushima and toward its northwest. The vicinity around immediate southwest of the reactors shows elevated radiation, and a large pocket of contamination has settled further south in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Even more disturbingly, some local newspapers in eastern Japan have attributed sickness in children to the meltdowns. Children located 50 KM away from ground zero are suffering from fatigue, diarrhea, and nosebleeds.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Ah! So you live west of Palo Verde. That's inland from Fukushima. Well, at least you would have been further away from the tsunami and closer to the earthquake. Which reminds me...

In measuring earthquake sizes, they use something called the Richter Scale. Every number in the Richter Scale is 10 time larger in magnitude than the previous number. So a Richter magnitude of 2 would be 10 times larger than a 1. And 3 would be 10 times larger than a 2. This would make 3 to be 100 times larger than 1, right? See:


Why is it that the Richter of the earthquake that caused the tsunami must have been almost a 9 on the Richter Scale, while the damage done inland (out of reach of the tsunami) was only the damage of a 6.5 earthquake?

You might say, well, 9 is only about 2.5 numbers higher 6.5. But on the Richter Scale, that same 2.5 means over 300 times the magnitude. So what gives? Why is the inland damage 300 times less than the coastal damage? Or to say it the other way...


Could it be that someone set off some nukes in a deep-sea trench, off the coast of Japan, to cause a 9 tsunami, while covering their operation with a natural 6.5 earthquake that happened to coincide with the timing they needed for their blast(s)? Why might someone want to take out some Japanese nuclear power plants... at the cost of the life and health of the whole nation of Japan? 


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