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Afghan Desperation of IMF Elites


How the IMF might save Afghanistan from its leaders ... The International Monetary Fund used to be hated, blamed for the privatisation programmes it imposed across the world in exchange for loans. Then it spent a decade in relative obscurity. Now, as countries like Greece are forced to beg for loans, the Bretton Woods institution has again become a popular bogeyman. Every Greek protester thinks that all would be well if only their government... told the IMF where to go. – UK Spectator/Daniel Korski

Dominant Social Theme: War has not civilized these Afghan tribes; maybe the IMF can.

Free-Market Analysis: This article in the British neo-con Spectator magazine caught our eye because it made the case that the IMF could do the job that a million-man Western army had not been able to do – "civilize" the Afghan Pashtuns by building up a Western-style state around them. Ironically, we had no idea who the author was. When we searched the web to find out the background of Daniel Korski, we came up with this from a bio posted at the European Council on Foreign Relations:

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