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G. Edward Griffin on Inflation, Politics and the Power Elite

Daily Bell: We've started to use the term Internet Reformation – as the Gutenberg Press was partially responsible for the Renaissance, Reformation, etc. Too pat? Any truth to the nomenclature in your opinion? G. Edward Griffin: I think that's a very good nomenclature for it, I think that's exactly what's happening and that's one of the reasons that the elites, (and that is your word) are nervous about the Internet and are working very diligently at putting in mechanisms that are controlling and censuring the internet. They are making good progress on that by the way. All they have to do is convince the American people is to say it's a good idea, supposedly because it will help fight terrorism or pornography or crime or drugs or something. They are always being sold some fear-based reason that control over the Internet is good for the people and so far, unfortunately, the average person has bought into that. They are saying, oh, yeah, I'm so glad they are putting that control on the Internet and now another one and that's good, because now we're more secure, all of this propaganda is conditioning people to accept control of the Internet. So in answer to your question, I think that is has been a great revolutionary step forward but it's also under attack and we need to be very energetic in defending it or we are going to lose it within the next generation for certain. Daily Bell: Are events spinning out of control? We think that's what happened with the Gutenberg Press. The elites thought they could control the new enlightenment but in the end they couldn't, at least not for generations. G. Edward Griffin: I would like to believe that but I think the show is far from over and the answer is far from determined. I am not so certain it is as cut and dried as that and leads to such a happy ending as you have just described. I think the elites are working very hard to capture control of it. If they were just sitting idly by, and if they didn't have the power of governments behind them, then I think we'd have cause to rejoice. However, they are not just sitting idly by. They are passing laws at an international level all the time, so I am not so sure as to say they have lost control of it. I think they are working hard and we have to work equally hard or we will lose control of it. Daily Bell: Are you more or less optimistic about efforts to control the Internet. Will the elites succeed in their evermore-frantic efforts? You mentioned the United Nations last time. G. Edward Griffin: I think the answer to that is based on how much resistance they meet. Right now, with the current level of resistance, I think they will succeed in controlling it.

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