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Christine Lagarde Releases Statement To IMF Executive Board Pitching Her Candidacy

Christine Lagarde, who is quick to play the gender card, has released her formal statement to the IMF Executive Board pitching her candidacy. As she herself prioritizes her qualifications: "Having clarified this situation let me state the following: I stand here as a woman, hoping to add to the diversity and balance of this institution." etc. Translation: no need to worry I will (allegedly) rape maids, so pick me. Then there's everything else, which for a bailout agency which is now wholly in China's shadow, is very much irrelevant. Full letter: Ms. Christine Lagarde, a candidate for the position of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement to the IMF Executive Board on June 23, 2011: Members of the Executive Board, Let me first thank you for the very productive bilateral meetings I had with each of you yesterday and this morning. I truly value the occasion to exchange views and to benefit from your insight. I am equally honoured to deliver to the full Executive board some preliminary remarks, before answering any question you might have. As a candidate, I have listened carefully over the last few weeks to the messages conveyed to me by a large part of the membership and I would like to lay out some thoughts of mine and address some of the issues: 1. Management: the three duties of MD If elected, I am committed to fulfil, with your support and active engagement, the three key duties of a MD: to chair the Board; to manage the staff; and to represent the institution.

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