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The Anatomy of a Serial European Banking Collapse

This is part two of our recap of the European Bank Exposure analysis that we released last year in anticipation of a total refresh next week encompassing all of the interesting turns of events. In order to get a full appreciation of the gravity of the capital trap that the European banking system is in, and by extension the European commercial real estate markets, I humbly request that you review the last four BoomBustBlog posts on this topic before you move on, including the videos of my keynote presentation at the ING CRE Valuation seminar in Amsterdam. The video walks through the capital trap quandary that the European banking system is in from a bird's eye level. In this article we will drill down to the street level by illustrating a French bank featured in last year's analysis: Over A Year After Being Dismissed As Sensationalist For Questioning the ECB's Continued Solvency After Sovereign Debt Buying Binge, Guess What! Click, Clack, Click: The Sound of Falling Dominoes Behind The Door of the Eurocalypse! LGD 100+: What's the Possibility of Certain European Banks Having a Loss Given Default Approaching 100%? Greece Reports: "Circular Reasoning Works Because Circular Reasoning Works" - Or - Here Comes That Default!!! Eurocalypse Cometh! Principal Haircuts, Serial Bailouts, ECB Insolvent! Disruptive Sound Of Dominoes In Background Going "Click, Clack"! BoomBustBloggers Instructed To Line Up Bearish Positions Again! It has been my belief that the global market crash of 2008 brought upon by the US mortgage/housing market bubble bursting has never finished. Massively collaborated attempts at global finance central planning have stalled the plans of Mother Markets, but her wrath cannot be held at bay.

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