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Experts make case for Biometrics in cell phones

A case for biometric technologies inclusion in mobile phones is made citing its potential in terms of addressing consumer needs for data protection, device security and inclusion in mobile services and operations in a Tech Biometric article. While some of the biometric capabilities for phones would require embedded or integrated hardware such as scanners to authenticate via fingerprints, other modes of biometrics can utilize aspects already found on the phone such as the camera to authenticate via iris or face recognition or the phone itself to authenticate via voice recognition. As far as biometric technology as a form of data protection, it is expected that an embedded or otherwise integrated biometric scanner could, and in some phones already does, serve as a tool for logical access control requiring a user to authenticate an identity via biometrics before being able to access protected items or the phone in general. Other pushes for biometric security on phones include protection of certain functions such as dialing numbers and phone locks that require biometric authentication otherwise rendering the phone useless in an unauthorized user’s hands. Separate from security intrinsic to the phone, however, is the idea of utilizing biometric systems to secure transactions and other functions completed via the mobile phone but in an online environment. Most common the need here is for better security in financial transactions following a similar strategy utilized in e-commerce.

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