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Is This How the Takeover Will Come When the Cities are Ripped Apart by Rioters?

Check out what Ray Nagin, the Mayor on New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, writes in his new book, Katrina’s Secrets: Storms After the Storm. Via a report Among the more shocking revelations is the former mayor’s account of the evening of Aug. 30, 2005. Nagin writes that he and his top aides were in the Hyatt’s fourth-floor command center when about 20 men entered, “dressed in black combat outfits and adorned in bulletproof vests, rifles, and leg straps holding at least two very large handguns each. “Their presence was shocking, menacing, bizarre, and surreal,” he writes, adding that one barked out: “‘We’re here to protect the mayor. Everybody else get out.’” The armed men wouldn’t say who sent them or why, though Nagin surmises they may have worked for mega-defense contractor Blackwater. “If they were here to protect me, I sure did not feel that as my gut told me there was another agenda at play, and it clearly did not have our best interests at heart, period,” he writes. The guards managed to access Nagin’s 27th-floor suite and install “all kinds of wires” they claimed were “for a satellite connection.” Ultimately, though, their efforts were thwarted when “Greg (Meffert) and crew stopped (them) cold,” Nagin writes, referring to his former chief technology officer. “And after several rounds of going back and forth, our unwelcome visitors got the message that we were not going to allow them to take over or gain access to my room to plant bugging devices.” Is this the type of visits mayors in other U.S. cities should expect, when inflation goes wild and cities are ripped apart? Will they in the future allow a chief technology officer to stop their mission?

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PureTrust is damn right – that’s how it will "end" if rioters control the street. Men and women in uniform, "…dressed in black combat outfits and adorned in bulletproof vests, rifles, and leg straps holding at least two very large handguns each …" WILL TAKE OVER. When rioters rule the streets – which by the way is the dream of Anarchists to take over America – each one of us becomes a criminal suspect as a rioter, perhaps one who had broken a glass or had busted somebody’s head by throwing stones and rocks in rage, burning and looting a store or injuring and killing a police officer and so forth and so on. Banging the door open by throwing an exploding pineapple like what happened to Guerena’s home, will be just an announced regular police’s social visit in the middle of the night.

This is what I have been writing about all along… the guru of violence like Larken Ross and his likes who are the real anarchist-enemy of the State that dreams of a state of anarchy in their misguided and violent struggle for liberty and freedom cannot and will never win. It will only be destruction and death all around.

My supporting vision in projecting the reason why this insanity will never succeed is that more than 300 million Americans cannot be as insane as they are at the same time!

Comment by Ed Price
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This might be how it starts, but more than likely, here is how it will end:

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