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Congressman Miller of Florida Sends The 4th Amendment Down Memory Hole

What did that screening involve? “So they brought my mom to the side, and two agents just started patting her,” Reppert said. “Eventually they found something that appeared to be hard and they said could be a concealed weapon.” She said two female agents wheeled her mom into a private room where they performed a more thorough inspection, and found that Reppert was wearing a Depend adult diaper. “It was hard because the underwear was bunched up,” Weber said, adding that she was not in the room as her mother was patted. After 45 minutes, the mother and daughter were given two options: either don't fly, or lose the Depend. The women chose the latter. Forty-five minutes to "find" a bunched-up adult diaper that a woman dying of leukemia is wearing for (obviously) incontinence, and she's told to either remove it or she's not getting on the plane? So now she has to risk*****ing herself (or worse) to fly? THIS qualifies as "security? Like hell it does. Let's cut the crap. After 9/11 the TSA was formed for one and only one purpose - to give the airlines a liability shield. See, there were a lot of dead people and their families were*****ed. They intended to sue. Now maybe there was liability and maybe there was not, but the government stepped in and "fixed it" for all those nice airlines so they wouldn't have to pay, and then made sure that it wasn't their problem in the future! We, as citizens, get our balls groped and our dying grandmothers get screwed with for 45 minutes and forced to remove their protective clothing intended to keep their modesty intact should they have an accident due to their medical condition - AFTER being effectively assaulted for three quarters of an hour! This is a damned outrage and it's not the first time either. There is nobody who has more of an interest in making sure nobody gets something evil on a plane than the airline. Not only do they lose a very expensive piece of hardware if someone does, the dead customers will never buy another ticket and their families will sue the airline to beyond the orbit of Mars if they were negligent in some fashion.

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