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China and the West: One and the Same?


Wen Jiabao is the Premier of China. This is an edited version of his speech to the Royal Society in London yesterday, after receiving the King Charles II Medal. ... China is building a better future for all ...The world will gain from the country's growing prosperity and openness, says Wen Jiabao. Since the process of reform and opening-up began in China, people outside the country have seen the development and changes there in different ways. There is also an intense interest in our visit to London, I wish to take the opportunity to address this subject. Tomorrow's China will be an economically advanced country, with its people enjoying prosperity. Indeed, to pursue economic development and improve people's lives has always been the top government. We will stick to scientific development, work hard to shift the model of economic development, and achieve green, low-carbon and sustainable growth. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: China, a democratic leader among the countries of the world, shall march into a glorious future shoulder-to-shoulder with the West.

Free-Market Analysis: Wen Jiabao came to Britain and Europe recently and he has been making news with his comments and actions. Chinese procurers just purchased 600 Saab autos and allowed that company to make its payroll. He announced that China's government bankers would continue to buy the bonds of various bankrupt European countries; the headlines blared that China was saving Greece.

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