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Ron Paul’s Anti-Fed Message Gains Respect


When Ron Paul announced four years ago that he was running for president, the congressman from Texas had a tough time attracting attention.

Paul, known for his anti-government views, opposition to the Iraq, Afghan and Libyan conflicts and drive to get rid of the Federal Reserve, stayed in Washington to declare his candidacy for the 2008 Republican nomination on C-Span, the cable television station devoted to government proceedings. His entry earned a one-sentence mention near the end of a Washington Post political story, and little notice elsewhere.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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 Ducatijeanne is very right. This article is the new way opponents of freedom & liberty are attacking Paul. They start off smooth & nice, but there is poison in their words & motives. Including the two peeps mentioned in the article is a sneaky tactic.

 The one dude who said RP is not the reason for the TEA party is full of you know what. It was mostly RP meet up groups who got together after the farce of the last POTUS election. John McCain? My dogs rear coulda beat the war hawk.

 Then is the snide tacit way the author tried to make us think Ron is too old. Older is bad? Since when? Older usually translates into 'wiser'! Regarding the Constitution, US economics & a bloated illegal over reaching fed govt, Ron Paul is probably the wisest we have in DC ATM.

 I like Gary Johnson as well. As gov of New Mexico, GJ has a verifiable 8 year term in which he actually did what he said. Ron has a 30 yr. + verifiable record. Of all the current crop of candidates, Ron & Gary have records that surpass the others, though one or 2 of the others are OK. But we don't need OK. We need action! Ron & Gary have taken PRO US actions & have results to show for it. Results you can actually verify.They have walked their talked in Congress & NM. Let's give them a shot as POTUS & VP.

Don't be fooled by slick pundits. Ron Paul IS electable. That's why he has been in Congress as long as he has. Now we need to put him in charge for a while, but he will need a PRO constitution congress to back him up. 

Ron Paul & Gary Johnson 2012!!!!















































Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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oh....don't get me started!  This article starts out with some validity and then goes straight to hell when they give two Neocon political hacks the time of day to spout off  their lamestream media rhetoric.  Please take a big note of these two jokers names for future reference.


Jason Phillips, "founder" of the Tea Party Nation can you say "sell out" or "kill, kill with veins in your teeth" opportunist and my goodness what credentials Mr. McKinnon has: political consultant to war criminal Bush! Remember, traitors first Mr. McKinnon.


Exerpt from the article: ("The rise of the Tea Party and a growing anti-government sentiment will probably lead to only slightly better results for Paul this year, said Mark McKinnon, a political consultant who advised Republican President George W. Bush.


“Paul is really a Libertarian, and while they are committed and passionate about Ron Paul, Libertarians represent at best about 10 percent of the vote,” McKinnon said. “He’ll stir the pot and add some entertainment at the debates. But he’s more gadfly than threat.”


Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, disputes Paul’s influence on the movement. He said that while he agrees with some of Paul’s ideas, others -- such as in foreign policy - - are “just nuts.”


“This idea that Ron Paul started the Tea Party movement is revisionist history,” he said. “People say Ron Paul is the godfather of the Tea Party. No, he isn’t.” )


Blah, Blah Blah. This is such garbage!  i.e. we have work to do, people!



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