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Get Started On Google+

• Terrence Russell via

Google made a big splash this week with the launch of a new social sharing service, Google+. But like any new social network, it takes a little practice to share the right information with the right group of people. Here's a look out to get up and running on Google+ without looking like an oversharing n00b.

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1 Get Invited 2 Go Public 3 Establish Your Circles 4 Check Your Settings 5 Everybody Into the Pool! 6 Gather a Huddle 7 Master the Hangout 8 Mix It Up
Get Invited

This is the tricky part. Early adopters have flocked to Google+ since the launch of its Field Trial, leading to a temporary slow-down in invites. Google temporarily shut down +'s invitation functions 48 hours after launch, presumably to make sure this launch goes smoother than Buzz. They've resumed fielding invite requests since, but the process seems to be slow-going.

If you really want a peek behind the curtain try hitting up Google's YouTube channel where they've posted all the video demos of the product you could want and more.


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