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Yes, It's a Hybrid SUV. But It's Still a Porsche

• Chuck Squatriglia via

Purists will tell you the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid is not a true Porsche. It is an affront to all that is sacred, the continued desecration of an icon by heathens. They will barely contain their piety as they catalog the heretic’s sins: It is big. It is heavy. And not only is it an SUV, it’s a freakin’ hybrid.

But the most un-Porsche of Porsches is very much a Porsche. Which is to say, it is remarkably fast, exquisitely engineered and a joy to drive. Whatever its sins, the Cayenne S Hybrid nicely balances performance and frugality in a sporty package that’s fun to drive.

It’s a remarkable accomplishment. Just about everyone is meeting tightening fuel economy and emissions regulations by slapping an electric motor into something. But too often high-end hybrids feel like half-hearted attempts to squeeze a few more miles from a gallon of gas and a lot more money from customers.


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