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Complaint alleges police tasered, beat mentally handicapped Ohio teen

• Stephen C. Webster via

Jesse Kersey, a 17-year-old mentally handicapped boy, was riding his bicycle near his home in Dayton, Ohio last Saturday when officer Willie Hooper pulled him over to talk.

A civil complaint filed in Dayton County this week alleges that Hooper then became confused by the boy's speech impediment and began to shout at Kersey, causing the boy to begin walking back to his mother's home.

That's when Hooper called in backup, causing "an upward of 20" officers to rush onto the scene. As Kersey made his way back home, a neighbor allegedly attempted to tell Hooper about the boy's disability, but was told to return home or face arrest.

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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 I think all these stories put Larkin Roses article   When Should You Shoot A Cop  into perspective.  This type of lawlessness, a lawlessness that  makes a charade of any concept of rule of law or justice. It seems that there would be all sorts  of discussions about solutions since the price to pay for doing nothing is so high. We can continue to do nothing and what WILL happen is that some Americans will get fed up and doing what should be done to these cops. (Dispensing justice)  This is what the powers that be want  and have planned for then they will call them terrorists (when just the opposite is true) and the war will be on. All I can say people is that we need to do something substantial and do it right now before this goes any further down hill. A start would be locking up of thousands of cops for multiple years. But how do we get there?





Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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 It's jack booted nazi's like this sick bastard called a police officer that need to be drug into the town square and tazard himself and horse wiped along with those who hired him in the first place, the county, city and all other nazi instutitions connected with this thug period, but I'm sure their den of corruption, (the court) will condone and approve and their nazi agent hiding behind a gun and badge will go on with his harming and plundering as business as usual.

Think we will wake up when we are all either dead or in a prison camp?

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