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Qaddafi Warns of Carrying Out Attacks in Europe

• AP
"These people (the Libyans) are able to one day take this battle ... to Europe, to target your homes, offices, families, which would become legitimate military targets, like you have targeted our homes," Qaddafi said.

"We can decide to treat you in a similar way," he said of the Europeans. "If we decide to, we are able to move to Europe like locusts, like bees. We advise you to retreat before you are dealt a disaster."

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Comment by Ed Price
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So the police-action against Libya has as its major goal, the procuring of Gaddafi threats so that the other Governments have the excuse to impose martial law on their own people using the protectionism claim as the excuse.

I suppose that the American people are going to get another 9/11 from their own Government again.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Look for black ops to take advantage of this and to start false flag terrorist operations in Europe.  You can bet on it.


  Can you say operation Gladio boys and girls?

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