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Greece needs Herculean reforms to secure bailout

• Reuters
A warning from Eurogroup chairman Jean-Claude Juncker that Greece will lose sovereignty and jobs to meet those criteria has enraged unions. Any suggestion of foreign intervention in running the country is an incendiary political issue that will make implementing reforms even tougher.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Simplistically speaking - and there is a lot to say even speaking simplistically - any country that has joined the International Monetary Fund has a major advantage and a major disadvantage. The advantage is, significantly easier international trade... and maybe "safer" international relations all around. The disadvantage is, at least, loss of sovereignty. We the people of America need to learn this lesson from the Greece example.

The United States is different than most nations in how the national Government relates to the people in America. The national government has a "hands-off" relationship to its people built in, in the way it is set up. The States are a buffer between the people and national Government in America.

To overcome this buffer, so that the United States national Government has the privilege to react directly with the American people, the U.S. Gov. has tricked the American people, individually, into directly and voluntarily contracting with itself. Perhaps the greatest of the contracts is the Social Security Account that each American has with the Government.

The people don't understand the contracts they have made with Government, or the ramifications of the contracts. The advantages of such contracting have to do with similar things as the Greek advantage... potential monetary gain and some apparent safety for each American, individually. The disadvantages are similar to the Greek disadvantage... loss of individual sovereignty.

Loss of individual sovereignty means that the United States Government, now, has the right to directly "touch" the people. One great evidence of this is the income tax. A second, more recent evidence is, the gradual moving of the country into police state conditions. Because of our agreements and contracts with the Federal Government - with each of us individually - Government has the right to control more and more of our daily lives and living.

For the moment, we have the right to be released from our contracts with Government. We have the right, because we made the contracts without clear understanding. And Government withheld certain of the information from us. But the time seems to be almost here when any legal activity that we might do to release ourselves from the contracts, may be suspended... suspended either by legalities, or by dictatorial takeover here in America.

In the sidebars of the Freedom's Phoenix website, and throughout the different article listings, you will find "advertising" that will take you to websites that offer information about how to break out of the loss-of-Sovereignty trap that Government is trying to keep you in. Click on them, now, and at least learn. Then, release yourself, and get your relatives, friends and neighbors to do the same... before we become, entirely, another Communist China.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Euro Zone Warns Greeks on Sovereignty and Privatisation

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