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Stricter offensive bumper sticker law takes effect

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Starting Friday, Tennessee drivers caught with obscene or patently offensive bumper stickers, window signs or other markings on their vehicle visible to other drivers face an automatic $50 fine.

The law also includes movies other drivers can see playing inside of vehicles, including adult films.


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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Makes me want to move to TN. I would feel so safe and protected from the bad bad bumper stickers.  I'm glad to pay half of what I make for this necessary protection.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Don't get mad.  Just smile and have fun with this political posturing to the masses. 

You already have the perfect bumper sticker for your date in federal court:

      55-8-187   IS


Now all you got to do is slap it on, call the news stations and papers and meet in a police station parking lot. 

With any luck besides the ticket they will confiscate the bumper sticker all on film.  Just remember to object to them seizing and damaging your property without a lawful order from a judge.  Point out they have time to get on.  They will say they don't need no stinking warrant to seize evidence!  Got that on tape and it's gooooooooood.

Comment by Carrie Taranova
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The Tenn new 'law' is totally UN-CONSTITUTIONAL and if I lived there I'd  throw a legal fit !  I'd go at the governor all the way to the idiot Communist that made and passed that law !  This has to be the most Communist 'law' I've ever seen yet !  I have a van that has history and CSA flags and Scripture all over it and I'd sue any state that would hinder me from having what I have on my own vehicle !

Looks like Muslims have taken over Tenn now too ! That is the only time these kinds of  stupid Anti-American dictates happen.

Tennessee I'm ashamed of you !  I have to get my sons out of that state and back home here to Florida..
Comment by Joe Tittiger
Entered on:

Wonderful... pigs enforcing their view of the first amendment.  I suggest a test case bumper sticker that reads: "Fuck the bumper sticker censors and the horse the rode in on."

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

So, what is the Patent Number on 'offensive speech', anyway?  I'd like to look it up... 

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