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• Reality Report | This just in off the social networks, MSNBC blatantly excludes Congressman Ron Paul off the list of second quarter top fundraisers. Congressman Paul who raised $4.5 million should be listed as second place on this list. However the media controllers who run MSNBC clearly do not want the Congressmanapos;s message of sound money, fiscal responsibility, and sustainable foreign policy to gain traction. This is just one more in a long line of deceptions perpetuated by the main stream media and another reason to support alternative media, like the reality report. Lets demand MSNBC to broadcast an apology and clarification. Take action now by contacting MSNBC at then FORWARD THIS VIDEO!

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Comment by Anonymous
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The main Media like MSNBC is "worse"? OPPORTUNIST Alternative Media like Reality Report [] is THE worst! They are not only after your money -- they are angry movements of the Left.


Comment by Anonymous
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Why was Ron Paul excluded ??? Reality Report site that published this news here at didn’t even bother to find out and inform the public WHY Ron Paul was excluded by MSNBC. It is up to you to find out … to call MSNBC … etc.’s priority was first to ride on the news and ask DONATION from the public to keep their "movement growing". It makes me feel sick deep in my stomach.

Comment by Carl Buschmann
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The mainstream media are traitors. There is no middle ground.

Comment by Barry Hess
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If MSNBC were a newspaper, I'd only see it when my birdcage needed cleaning.  That would be nice instead of (now) automatically assume that anything coming from your drivel machine is quite simply, a lie.

Thanks for excluding the real number 2 Republican fundraiser thus far...Dr, Ron Paul.  You gave me what I needed to persuade another 41 people to contribute to the good Dr.'s campaign.  Like me, they maxed out, but, like me--they'll find a way to give more.  Thank you for giving me something to show them.  After all, they reason, if MBNFC is hiding him---he MUST be the right person to lead this nation.  People coddle up to the underdog.

You people are a joke, and what's even funnier is that YOU don't know it....but everybody else does, and more and more every day.

Please provide me with more ammunition to win more supporters for the libertarian, please?

Keep up the good work!  We'll be spreading this  (and more) around to see if we can help you get rid of those pesky advertisers who only take up space that could be used to further lie to the People of America. 

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