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"Austerity riots will come to the US"


More and more of the world economy is crumbling and America doesn’t seem too far behind.

While riots erupt in Greece over austerity measures imposed by the government, back home lay-offs are rampant on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs relieving over 200 employees from their positions today. Is there a way out before Americans begin to emulate the Greeks?

“The economy continues to decline with no recovery in sight,”
says Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute. “It is hitting everyone and Goldman Sachs is taking the hit as more of that bailout money dries up and reality bites.”

“Whether it is in Tunisia, whether it is in Egypt, whether it is in the UK . . . it is only going to get much worse,” says Celente.

“There is no way out and the people are angry.”

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