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Female Magistrate Accused Of Photographing Men At Public Urinals

• Photography Is Not a Crime

Rhonda Hollander, a female traffic magistrate in South Florida, apparently believes she has the right to walk into men’s public bathrooms and photograph them while urinating because the bathrooms are, well, public.

The attorney obviously missed the section of the law stating it is illegal to photograph people who have an expectation of privacy.


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Comment by Jukit Babalu
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Sorry honey, if you want to peek it`l cost you 5... hundred smackeroos

The reason why Westerners do not rebel is simple. Their bodies are fat diseased decaying smelly meatarichumpistodianistic garbage bins. The walking dead are ubiquitous on this planet. As a result of this they have no time or inclination to fight back.
 In other words, tptb`s primary frontline infantry against us, if we omit anti-music music and tv sets for the moment, is meatarichumpistodianism. The sheeple haven`t the slightest idea of what misinformed boring assholes they are.
To get an idea of what i`m talkin about, see
  The China Study 14 of 14 ( Vegan Vegetarian Health Benefits / Lose Weight ) by dr. T. Colin Campbell
** "Why humans are primarily plant-eaters by design "Dr. Milton R. Mills [url][/url]
** “Farm to fridge ~ th truth behind meat production.”
** With the legendary former Beatle, Paul McCartney. “If slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian”.
** “The netsite the meat industry doesn`t want you to see”.

Would someone save me a button off Obambi`s shirt before he is led to prison so i can show my kids?

jukit babalu


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