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Quartzsite official rejects mayor's martial law claim

• Arizona Republic

The Town Council met Sunday in emergency session to beef up security after receiving death threats. A guard may be at Town Hall's front door this morning.

Mayor Ed Foster refused to participate in Sunday's council meeting, saying an agenda had not been posted, making the meeting secret and illegal.

Foster said the council had imposed martial law, but Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell said that does not accurately characterize the action.


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Comment by Moose Hunter
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These little wannabe storm troopers look hilarious. Just look at them! Bah... Someone has a size complex obviously. You goons arent to be taken seriously Council Members. Not at all. You do understand of course that if ill intent was truly directed toward you, you would be dead now, no matter what clown suit you put on to make yourselves look tough. Laughable really.

Keep showing the World your true face, because these events of yours has gone viral on the internet, Im sure Anon will eventually let you have it as well. You are fast becoming a focal point of everything we stand against. Expect us, as we take your amateurish dictator skills and run laps around you and your three ring circus.

I bet you guys thought you are in the middle of nowhere, and you would be able to get away with your little dirty deeds as the World does not care about a hole in the wall place in the desert.

Boy, were you wrong, and are in for a great surprise. Yep, uh huh. In the last three days, this story has been read by about 10 Million People Worldwide already. And that is just the first three days. We are going to send you to jail eventually. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts Traitors.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Oh, I see: "Quartzsite's increased security is at the behest of the town's insurance carrier, Cowell said." (see end of article and read Sierra Hancock's Quartzite youtube post today)

Comment by Powell Gammill
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hattip to Ed Vallejo and WND for the link.   

I had to recheck...nope no braking news email from the AZ Rep.  I guess it was not that important of a story.  Amazing Quartsite government was interested in talking to the AZ Rep. on Sunday, but unavailable to WND at the same time.   

Also interesting the article was about a council member's response to the Mayor, yet the Mayor's comments were not reported.   Wonder where the city attorney was?

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