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Pitcher with artificial hip refuses to give up dreams (He's a 'HESS')

• Arizona Republic
Sometimes you get lucky when it comes to, 'who's in your ''family'--no, seriously.  

Isaac has done nuthin' but make us proud of him.  He was always quick with a smile and rolled with every punch his brother, Garrett, and his cousins, Zelig and Nickolas ever threw at him.  And these boys played rough!
He was born with those handsome All American looks, a brain, a talent (pitching) and the kind of perseverance and never-say-die resolve that would shame most men who've excused their way along life's road.
He excelled in academics, and he excelled in various major sports. The kid has a gift, but can't turn it loose in the because the Doctors are afraid of the lawyers, and the lawyers are...just afraid.
He's offered to release or waive liabilities, but the lawyers are afraid other lawyers who're sneakier than they are, might possibly find a way to un-do everything.  Gawd!  This is like the l'il Bush sending soldiers in to die in a war he started because of what he thought the "other guy" was thinking!  Dumbasses in any case.
I'm a proud Uncle and Isaac has always been a Major Leaguer, to all of us....(check out the video he made on the article page).

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