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Biometrics and Arizona: Police Starting to Use Facial Recognition Devices

It’s NOT “just a picture” if it involves special technology that captures biometric detail and can only be obtained at fairly close range. But I doubt the courts will come down this way, meaning that that attitudes like that of Sheriff McDonald will soon go the way of the dodo bird. Unfortunately, most citizens have been acculturated to handing over information casually, prizing convenience over personal security. I had one friend who refused to do business online because he was unwilling to give his address and personal details to any third party (he did business in nasty third world countries, and I think he had some people who were less than happy with him, so some of his paranoia might have been well founded.

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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"In Arizona, police can arrest people not carrying valid photo ID."

Unfreaking unbelievable has the peoples state of California bled over the border?

What's next... the death penalty for not carrying ID in AZ?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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In AZ ,and I suspect elsewhere in the land of the free police can arrest anyone for any or no reason whatsoever, and frequently do. 

In AZ, unless something has changed I belive only the driver can be arrested for failing to have government issued ID.  Though there was an important case law that you cannot be compelled to have/ produce a driver's license when going to and from certain critical functions (ex: grocery shopping, filling up the tank, to and from work); but that may be a defense in court not necessarily prevent your arrest.

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