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Web software helped keep immigrant-tuition foes’ petitions valid

• Washington Post
For two decades in Maryland, opponents of statewide measures as diverse as speed cameras and early voting have been mounting petition drives to repeal the laws. Those efforts have all failed. 
Until now.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Yes, yes, yes.  Let's wage war on the black folks.  And the Mexicuns.  And the Injuns.  And the Mooslems.  And the womin.  And the liburals.  They is the problem not the corrupt politicians or the predatory corporations but them savage folks who speak in tongues a good Christun Americun such as myself can't understand.  Damn 'em all foreigners who only come here to take away our good jobs cleaning toilets, washing dishes and mowing lawns.  Don't they know that the Constitution says that Amerika is for Amerikans?

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