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Freedom's Phoenix Drops to 19 on 'Top 50 Libertarian' Websites

• dbkp

DBKP Reports has released its ratings of the top 50 most popular Libertarian websites on the Internet. Ratings are based on the sites’ 3-month average of Alexa worldwide traffic as ranked on July 13-14, 2011.

The Libertarian list has expanded from the Top 40 to the Top 50 sites this rating.

The Libertarian 50′s top five most popular sites is led by Lew Rockwell, followed by Reason and Ludwig Von Mises Institute. The top five is rounded out by The Daily Paul and the Big Picture.

New sites making their way into the Top 50: Personal Liberty Digest, Gary North, Ron Paul, Daily Bell, Economic Policy Journal, Free Talk Live, Free Domain Radio (and Forums), Cop Block, Free Keene, Big Head Pictures, Humble Libertarian and Frazier Institute.

Like all lists, the Libertarian list covers a lot of ground; our broad definition: all these sites cover topics of interest primarily–but not limited to–Libertarians: individual freedom and liberty, small government, unabashed defense of capitalism and the free market and fiscal restraint.

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