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Canton cop threatens to execute driver over weapons permit

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Canton, Ohio police officer Daniel Harless has been placed on administrative leave following the release of dash cam video that showed him threatening the life of a driver who did not immediately provide notification of having a conceal weapons permit.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry, who released the video, said that William Bartlett made two attempts to notify the officer but was told not to speak.


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Comment by dan rapp
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 I have watched this video several times now and still dont see anything out of the ordinary here..all routine policework !!

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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 How much longer are we the people going to take this nazi abuse from these criminals disguised in uniforms and badges? It is totally out of control and sanctioned by the courts, (den of corruption) run by more criminals in black robes and suits and ties. When in God's name are the people going to wake up and take care of business.

These nazis with guns and badges DON"T EVEN KNOW THE FIRST ARTICLE OF THE CONSTITUTION and even if they did they don't give a shit. As long as they continue to get their pay checks, that's all that matters and they will continue to follow their nazi orders like good little agent drones that Hitler would be prouid of.

This was validated by one such nazi drone in the Marion County Salem Oregon sheriff gang. Word for word. Pretty friggin scary.

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was considered legal.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is total madness in a generation of brain washed, braid dead thugs that grew up on violent video games and watching swat team movies.

Comment by David Jackson
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  I'll try this once more...

  This is just another example of what's wrong with what passes for law enforcement in the U.S. (I've been on about 'privatizing' the whole criminal justice process for over 20 years. and, to date, as far as I can tell, nobody cares.)

  As a former trainer (firearms) of just about every type of law enforcement personnel and a criminal justice scholar, I assure one and all that "bad cops" can be spotted a mile away; and in the present system, "good cops" don't stand a chance.

  As best I can tell, despite earliest shortcomings, the enforcement element went south at the same time affirmative action became "law". What seems to have happened is that individuals who actually thought they wanted to help people - truly protect and serve - and were dedicated to intent and duty to the point of professionalism were replaced by a bunch of "careerists", who viewed the job as a paycheck, great benefits, and  retirement - not to mention the misfits who really liked the potential power trip. Why anyone expects any more than what this sociopath did is beyond me. [The anomaly in police work, today, is when a cop actually HELPS a citizen.]

  Get used to it, folks. We move closer to a fully functional police state with each passing hour. If anyone believes that the criminal justice system actually does anything to protect the average citizen, citizen's rights, or the U.S. Constitution, the person or persons should wake up and pay attention to what is really happening in the "land of the free and the home of the slave"!


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