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Gonzalo Lira: Full Spectrum Decay

Pride is what is sinking America. Pride—arrogance—vanity—hubris—conceit: Call it what you will, it’s still the same thing. Arrogance, strictly defined, is “an exagerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities”. In the peculiar American reality we are living in, the leadership of this country is guilty of the most colossal arrogance—no question. But the people of America—us—are guilty of a strange sort of arrogance as well: It is not the arrogance of the sort that exagerates our own sense of self-importance or abilities. Rather, it is the arrogance that exagerates our own sense of self-worth—and from this exagerated sense of self-worth, demands exagerated protection. Hence we timidly strap on helmets, elbow pads and knee pads when we ride a bicycle to the corner store—terrified we might fall and scrape our precious fat bodies—while we listen to news of American soldiers torturing and killing innocent foreigners without batting an eyelid. Hence we meekly surrender our dignity and civil rights in the face of any governmental officer, any representative of Authority.

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