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We Don't Need No Steenking Constitution!

Finally, and perhaps most-disturbingly, we watched unarmed citizens be gunned down by law enforcement officers in Louisiana after Katrina, following their blatantly unconstitutional seizure of privately-owned firearms. A deaf woodcarver was murdered by a trigger-happy cop out west when he failed to respond immediately to a command (he was deaf - duh) and another man was shot in the back while prone on the ground in California on a train platform. In Canton Ohio we have recently witnessed a law enforcement officer threaten to murder a citizen in cold blood for exercising his lawful right to carry a concealed firearm in his own automobile. At the same time our very own government fomented, aided and abetted the supply of thousands of firearms to criminal drug gangs in Mexico, then tried to cover it up. Yes, I know the courts have ruled that "ball gropes" are constitutional and at present the officers in Louisiana are facing federal civil rights charges. Just remember that the "courts" ruled in the 1760s and 1770s that the actions of the Red Coats were legal as well. In point of fact I would love to have someone explain to me how what is going on today in this country is materially different than what the "Red Coats" of 1775 did when they intended to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock? Note that eight colonists died on April 18th of that year, all from British muskets. Nobody knows with certainty who fired the first round that fateful evening but when you're lying dead on the ground it doesn't make a bit of difference who shot first. Exactly how many deaf woodcarvers, unarmed civilians on a bridge in Louisiana or motorists who are lawfully carrying weapons for their own protection against the feral jackasses who do actually exist in this nation have to be assaulted or murdered before we reach the same logical point today that we reached on April 18th of 1775?

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Comment by German wisdom
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There is only one law and this is the law of power. Whoever has the power is making and interpreting the so called "laws". The United States is ruled by the Jews and in this case you can not expect any kind of justice. Do you think the Rothschilds and there complies care about this peace of paper that is called the constitution? They own the US and most of the rest of the world together with the so called Queen of England and some other black nobility scam, so they can make the rules and regulations. That's it.

Comment by German Pride
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The US constitution and the Bill of Rights is as worthless as the US-Dollar. The only free people ever lived on planet earth are the Germans in the old times. Unfortunately USrael has enslaved the whole world and abused Germany as their colony, so we have lost our freedom like everybody else that is under the control of the USreali government. But we will get our freedom back because the USraeli empire is falling down and will continue doing so and loose all their power. In this case soon we will be able to build up a new society without the evil USraeli Empire enforcing the interests of AIPAC, the Rothchilds and the big and evil corporations.

Comment by David Jackson
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    You're not going to like this...

     It would be great if the Constitution meant anything: there has never been a better "contract" between a people and their keepers, in the history of the world. Unfortunately, the paper it's written on is likely worth more than the document.

     Let me tell you why.

     Short form:  In the real world, even to the most truly patriotic and hopeful of us all, the Constitution hasn't meant anything to the slugs who have been abusing their oath of office in the federal government, since at least the U.S. entry into WW I. As such things go, about all that really needs to be said is that the principle upon which the Constitution was based are ideas and, as such, must be upheld in the "hearts and minds" of the people who choose to live by them. Beyond all this, the Congress, the various Presidents, and the Supremes have co-opted the document and its implied and stated liberties and "rights" for nearly 100 years. They "interpret" its meaning to suit their goals of abuse and subjugation of every one of us.

     The only thing any form of "ammendment" will do is give the lowest of our species yet another excuse to "do the will of the people" by following their Constitutional and electoral mandates. (I have to go throw-up, now.)


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