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Newark Cop: "I Can Do Whatever the Hell I Want"

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While the consequences of his actions were not as horrific as those of the San Francisco police department over the weekend ( ), this Newark, New Jersey police officer provides us a glimpse into the culture that seems to be pervading police departments across the United States. While there are no doubt great officers out there - those who understand what the Constitution stands for and the importance of ensuring that the Rule of Law is protected - it is the bad apples, who act not as servants of the people, but rather, agents of tyranny, that have lead the majority of Americans to distrust law enforcement in general.

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Welcome to Amerika sheeple!

Comment by David Jackson
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   I'll try to make this short.

   I continue to find it curious and unsettling that most folks seem surprised whenever a cop does something that they didn't see a cop do on television.

   Anyone who believes that cops are their friends really hasn't been paying attention or has been so brainwashed by ALL MEDIA and government's greatest long con - education - as to likely be as much a part of the problem as the errant cop(s).

   There have always been bad cops, just as there have been good one. For about 30 or so years, as best I can figure, the quality of "expected" law enforcement has gone downhill so rapidly and obviously that it has finally started to reach what might be considered "mainstream consciousness". (My research, though far from complete, pretty much indicates that law enforcement began to "tank" at about the same time affirmative action kicked in. As bad as it sometimes was, before, there were still an awful lot of dedicated, "duty-bound", pros who worked hard and well at being true "professionals". Affirmative action brought nothing to the table: People I refer to as "careerists", who say getting on the cops as a secure job, good benefits, good pay, good retirement, a chance to bully others, and misfit's power trip, began entering police work for all the wrong reasons; few ever continued thier education or gave a second thought to enhancing their "professional" knowledge and skills. The outcome of all this is manifest in the on-going abuse of U.S. citizens and their Constituional and human rights.)

   Do you really want to "invite" a cop to search your house, car, purse, or office? If you have nothing to hide, what might a cop "search" for? Why even bother?

   When I tell my students how poorly trained cops are and how dangerous and encounter with an arme cop can become, they usually tell me I'm nuts. I feel bad for them. They have been cheated by their culture, its media shills, and the entire system of education. (I've trained a lot of cops, in the past - firearms - and Iknow what I know. I've also been a criminal justice scholar for a long time. All I can say is that I stand by my knowledge, experience, and the all to obvious facts.)


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