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The Organization of the Resistance Part One - by Lucifer Geraldo

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The guerrillas are referred to in SF doctrine as irregular forces. This means that the troops mustered didn't come from military or police units of the State. They're civilians, mostly. The core leadership of the guerrillas will most definitely be made up of ex-State military. They know how to lead and train military units. They will turn civilians into soldiers and lead those soldiers in small unit operations against the enemy State in the cause of human Liberty. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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Between democracy and dictatorship is the republic. Freedom's Phoenix and many other watchdogs are informing the public. Yet, percentage-wise, most of the public has yet to see what the watchdogs are trying to show them. And few of those that see, understand what they see.

Do the members of the paintball SF know what they are fighting for? The public certainly wouldn't if they even knew about the SF. But I'm betting that they all would rather have a democracy than a dictatorship.

Let's clean up the voting so that we can see where we are. Or is it that the leadership in the SF program is really forming a dictatorship behind the scenes, a dictatorship to sidestep the republic (as the democracy is doing) and destroy the democracy?

"Oh no! there's that word 'leadership.' We don't want no stinkin' leadership. We just want to shoot at somebody. We don't care if they are friend or foe. We'll sort the whole thing out later, after we kill everybody off."

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Soooooo, you want to fight for democracy ... rule by the mob?

I get you though, it would be nice to be very clear about what their goals are and actually live up to them.

Comment by Ed Price
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They can start by enforcing truly legal and lawful voting and vote counting.

If they don't find out what the people really want, and if they don't accept Big Government if that's what the people really want, then they are not freedom fighters upholding liberty. Then they are simply another coup.


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