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SHTF Electricity Basics


Most of us are accustomed to having safe, easy, instant access to electricity. After a disaster electrical power is low on the hierarchy of needs. On the other hand, avoiding electricity may become a priority. Damp clothes and wet, lacerated skin make us much more vulnerable to electrocution. By definition, improvised or post disaster grid power won’t be as safe as we’re used to today. After a disaster, electricity becomes an elemental threat that can kill you dead if you miscalculate.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to prepare a bastion with solar and generator power, do a good job now and you won’t have to worry later. Many of us don’t have the means to make this choice, and will instead make do with a combination of bugging out or bugging in. What follows are my suggestions gained from experience doing off grid solar work in the Third World, disaster relief and maintaining remote scientific equipment. I am not a licensed electrician.

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