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Analyzing the Oslo attacks part three: more information and even more unclear


After Anders Behring Breivik claimed responsibility for the atrocious killing spree in Norway, and his manifesto was discovered and published, the facts we are presented with continue to be quite strange.

First it was attributed to an al Qaeda affiliated group, then it was a lone Christian anti-Muslim self-declared pseudo-Knights Templar, and then it was announced there was a possible second gunman involved.

To make matters murkier, much of his 1,500 page manifesto was directly lifted from the infamous Theodore Kaczynski, better known as “the Unabomber”

Nearly one dozen passages were directly copied from the Unabomber’s manifesto without attribution and with the only changes being the exchanges of some words to match Breivik’s rhetoric.

This was discovered by some observant Norwegian bloggers and was utilized by the mainstream Western media not to question the validity and providence of Breivik’s manifesto, but instead to reinforce the contrived Unabomber-Breivik connection.

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