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You can live well here on just $10/day


I first started coming regularly to Daet, in the Bicol region of the Philippines, more than 13-years ago.

It’s a sleepy, quiet, relaxed place without the bustle of Quezon or Manila… perfect for people looking to live an easy, simple life. Despite the bucolic setting, though, the telecom infrastructure is pretty stellar.

At my wife’s hotel last week, I was able to utilize a mobile broadband connection, which cost me the equivalent of $0.25 an hour, to sit and do what I do every day no matter where I am in the world– monitor and trade the Australian stock and options markets.

I even sent out a trading alert to my 4th Pillar subscribers from here when another great opportunity to make some safe money in the Aussie market became available.

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Over-selling to the least-enabled, false implications of promise.

IF you have a place to stay. IF you have your assets in order. IF you have a stable source of income because there are problems with owning businesses in these countries. IF you have stable resources, this might be a good way to make them stretch. IF you actually don't need the help, this would be really really groovy.

Call it a personal bias but what I have come to think of as "Rockwellian advice" has become so passe and trite. Articles like "how I learned to conserve money by letting go of half the house staff" and to learn more, buy my book and I'll tell how how confusing it is to learn how to shop in a grocery store. What you have to do is locate the manager, give him your list and tell him you'll be waiting in the parking lot, it's the only Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Mark V with the perlescent triple hand-rubbed laquer.

A dollar a day per person per meal eh Monsieur author? Guess what? That's our budget right now. And we don't eat so bad. And yes, we get to drink beer, that almighty standard of superfluous expense. And mon Dieu! We also smoke tobacco. Lavish indeed are our lives. And we have indoor plumming and electroncial communication devices, yessir.

Well, we producified a website to kinda go up against Monsieur Buy My Book with a website called

It's 3 generations worth of sort of top-down introductory work. It prints out to 55 pages. There's no sign-ups, no registrations, no "buy the book and get the rest", that's all there is for now.

We were thinking of doing illustrations next but WE'D LIKE TO FEATURE SOME DIFFERENT YOUTUBES AND WE'D LIKE TO OFFER ADVERTISING TO ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY MAKES PREPAREDNESS PRODUCTS that we like. No strings attached. If you get sales from our website you don't even need to tell us.

For various reasons, us Joes are staying right here on this land. Whatever it is, we gotta make the best of it. We're giving out advice for the poor man. The so-called poor man. We don't think of ourselves as being poor. We're pretty rich.

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