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Norway’s tragedy: Will it be freedom or fear?


Friday’s dual massacre in Norway was an utter perversion of humanity, the worst that the world has seen for quite some time.

The confessed perpetrator, Anders Breivik, was a committed detractor of Europe’s lax multiculturalism and tolerance for immigrants. However you feel about his views, I know we can agree that the wanton slaughtering of innocents is deplorable and misguided, as well as detrimental to affecting political change.

Henceforth, Breivik’s pro-nationalist, anti-immigration beliefs will be associated with extremism. Newspapers around the world are already running headlines like “Attacks Cast Light on Far-Right Views”, or “Europe’s right wing distances itself from Norway killer”, or “Anders Breivik and his 1500-page manifesto of hate”.

His ideas have been dismissed as the musings of a lunatic, and few people want to be caught sympathizing with a serial killer. Breivik has set his own agenda back several years with these attacks as even the most hardcore right wing politicians in Europe are toning down their language.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   "The worst the world has seen..."?

   Perhaps in the last week..For those of us who are not butchering each other on some government sanctioned killin field, so the politicos and their dysfunctional friends can bolster their perceived importance and bank balances.

   I know I'm not the only person who recalls the definition of and meaning of the on-going genocides, around the world - past and present.

   I've taught and trained with enough people who believe in self defense and doing whatever it takes to stay alive, when they are threatened by unprovoked violence, to KNOW that, if someone had been armed and fought back, a whole bunch of people would still be alive. (Not a whole lot unlike the senseless injuries suffered by the kids hiking in Alaska: The bunny huggers who put the kids in danger are the lowest of the low. YOU JUST DON'T GO INTO "BEAR COUNTRY" UNARMED! Even if you have a psychotic reaction to firearms, OC bear sprays are available so as not to offend the sensibilities of a bear that is trying to turn one into trail mix.)

   We can't always avoid the social maligancies engendered by the psychotic amongst us - even if we do have "free" elections" - but we don't have to give them or their apologists a free ride.

   Unfortunately this freak didn't kill himself, first; they never do.

   Wake up, WORLD!

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