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America Heading For Tyranny and Impoverishment

COG authority is renewed annually. Obama did it twice and will again in September, letting him govern dictatorially if he chooses. The third article discussed how complicit Democrats and Republicans plan to destroy America's social contract to transfer maximum wealth to corporations and super-rich elites. Obama's out in front arranging it in dirty back room deals. It's a take the money and run scam, hollowing out America and impoverishing millions in the process. Now a new threat. Paul Craig Roberts mentioned it in his article headlined, "Debt Ceiling Intransigence: Unintended Consequences," saying: The current debt ceiling/budget cutting debate conceals a hidden issue - namely, that if resolution isn't achieved, Obama can use extrajudicial "presidential directives and executive orders in place, put there by (Bush to) declare a national emergency, suspend the debt ceiling limit, and continue to issue Treasury debt. This is exactly what would happen" to avoid default. If it occurs, it would create "a crisis beyond anything the world has ever seen."

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Superior comment Don! (no offense ment to Carrie). 

Comment by Carrie Taranova
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American HEADING FOR Tyranny ?  Where has this guy been the past 15 -20 years ?  In fact, it was 150 years ago when Lincoln put this NEW Communist system in place in 1861. And we have been under this tyranny ever since ! They always use to disguise it, but now they throw it in our faces !  Why recognize ANY of the illegal Federal entities DC has created to use as enforcers over us ?  NONE of them are Constitutional. DC has GIVEN THEMSELVES all the powers they want you to perceive that they have.  DC has no power over the states or us - they only DO IT because WE  LET THEM ! It is the STATES that have all the power legally and Constitutionally, not DC !

Man I wish this forum had a spell checker !

Comment by Don Duncan
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When an elite few of scheming power hungry politicians threw out the Articles of Confederation and created the Constitution the sovereign states and the people were headed for tyranny, again, less than a decade after winning independence. For example, the new rules (Constitution) created a Federal taxing agency and abolished real estate ownership (eminent domain). Both are a violation of right to property, which is not a Constitutional right or a social right. No such rights exists. Only human rights exist. All rights are inherent based on our humanity and stem from our right to life. 

All authority comes from the people. If tyranny reigns, it is because the people allow it, not because a bad man "got into power".  The people must constantly restrain power because unrestrained power creates bad men. Governments can't police themselves anymore than an addict can. Unrestrained gov creates a criminal class. When we hear an elected official granting himself power we are witnessing an unrestrained criminal announcing his intent to do us harm. Those who council acceptance are displaying self sacrifice and cowardice.



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