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Debt ceiling: Will I get my Social Security check?

• CNN Money
Can the government afford to send out Social Security checks next week if the debt ceiling isn't raised? The 28 million Americans expecting their payments on Aug. 3 will have to wait and see. Another 27 million people are scheduled to get checks later in the month. President Obama keeps warning that the government may not have enough money to pay all its bills, including Social Security, if the debt ceiling impasse isn't resolved by Aug. 2.

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Comment by Carrie Taranova
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DC and their UN money issuer, has better send us our checks - that is OUR money that they had no problem  dipping their paws into our wages and taking it all our lives !  It's OUR money - they have no right to touch it !  Let DC (Obama)  stop paying the billions of OUR money to all those Muslim countries building all those Mosques that we have been paying for to build !  OUR money has been supporting OTHER  NATIONS but NOT our own !  All that sent money is total TREASON as the Constitution FORBIDS sending ANY money to ANY nation or govt !

Why are so many people so ignorant of the Constitution ?  Can't  they read ?

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