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Border Patrol whistleblower pays price for refusing unearned overtime pay

• The Washington Post
"Sanchez is speaking up, and he has paid a price. There is little work to do at the Port Angeles, Wash., station, where he is assigned, he said. He calls it a “black hole” where agents have “no purpose, no mission.” “The worst fraud on taxpayers is that we are getting paid overtime not to work,” Sanchez said in a prepared statement. When he first started working at the station, “I noticed it was common practice for everyone to get paid overtime not to work. Back then there were about twenty-four agents and our entire station was receiving at least two hours of Administratively Uncontrolled Overtime.” Now, he said, there are more than 40 agents there."

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Agent Sanchez is to be commended for having the guts and integrity to stand up for the truth; however, he has fallen on his sword for nothing. I am surprised that he didn't know this. As pathetic as it is, he of all people should know that he was tilting at windmills. It's doubtful that anyone who could do anything to correct the problem will make any effort to do so. Agent Sanchez has pretty much shot himself in the foot.

   Government creeps don't accept responsibility for anything that they can't manipulate into a promotion, raise, or elected victory. Every problem that exists in any government-related endeavor is a problem because someone in authority isn't or hasn't done the job they are being paid to do. Since they are usually stupid social parasites and not prone to inviting being exposed, they will pass the buck (downhill) or ignore and cover-up anything that makes it obvious that they are playing us all.

   Sanchez obvously has a conscience and integrity. By definition, he is totally out of his element in government service.

   We'd all probably be better off if Agent Sanchez had remained quiet and at work, trying to do what he could to live up to his oath of office.


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