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Happy Birthday Tom Woods!

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 It’s My Birthday — Help Me Celebrate

Well, I turn 39 today, and kind birthday wishes have begun to pour in.  What would I like for my birthday?  There is a lot of free material — articles, YouTubes, mp3 files — of mine available on the Internet.  If you have ever benefited from any of that, would you consider making a donation to an important cause today?

First, there is the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which is second to none in its promotion of the Austrian School of economics.  Murray Rothbard himself said the Misesian paradigm would likely have died out had it not been for the Institute.  I have never seen a nonprofit that is more efficient or more conscientious in its use of donors’ funds.  Help it survive and flourish with a donation today, and/or consider planned giving options that help keep your hard-earned dough out of the hands of Uncle Sam.

Second, there is the Revolution PAC, where I am advisory board chairman.  We have lots of great ideas to contribute to Ron Paul’s success in 2012, but we can’t implement any of them without your help.  On very short notice we’ve already put together a billboard and full-page newspaper ad campaign in Iowa, in advance of the straw poll.  Our ads differentiate Dr. Paul and introduce people to his extraordinary record.  We don’t make ads Michele Bachmann could have made.

Help us with a donationthere are no donation caps for a Super PAC.  The sky is the limit.

And we will spend that money carefully.  No six-figure salaries or six-figure expense reimbursements here, and nobody involved is building a big house with a maid.  I’m not taking a cent for my work with the Revolution PAC.  We are dedicated to the cause.  Please help with your donation or by spreading the word.  Surely there are some Ron Paul supporters of means out there who can lend a hand, and you can help us find them.

And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Times are tough, I know, so if you are unable to help with a donation, can you spread the word about these good causes — on Facebook, your blog, or any other outlet you might have?  Thank you!

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