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Yelling ‘peace’ in a crowded classroom

An Indiana teacher who told her elementary school class that she honked while driving past a peace demonstration when she saw a sign that said “Honk for Peace” was fired from her job and is now suing her former school.

In a meeting, the father of one of the little girls in the class pointed at the teacher while telling the school’s principal, “I want her to promise never to mention the word peace in her class again.”

(Since, as libertarians have frequently observed, there is no meaningful difference between today’s Red State and Blue State authoritarian political beliefs, it’s impossible to tell whether the little girl’s war-adoring daddy was a Bleeding Heart Liberal or a Compassionate Conservative Neocon.)

At any rate, the principal reportedly tripped over her pension in her headlong rush to acquiesce, and the teacher caved to the father’s intimidation.  Her lawyer, projecting a hefty payday, likely had little difficulty overcoming the teacher’s fear of verbal bullying, but his attempt to convince a jury that “peace” is a positive concept may be a daunting one.  Why?  The school was so panic-stricken it cancelled “Peace Month” scheduled to begin on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

(Perhaps they can rewrite King’s famous speech, “I have a Nightmare,” and schedule a “War Month” instead.)

“Peace” has long been a dirty word in America.  Eugene McCarthy was the “Peace Candidate” during the Vietnam War years and never even got his party’s nomination.  Richard Nixon campaigned on his secret “Peace with Honor” plan to end that war, and we all know what happened to him.  President Bush The first had a nice little war going on in Iraq, but it ended too soon and he lost reelection during a time of relative “Peace.”  Don’t expect Republicans to forget that lesson anytime soon.


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Comment by David Jackson
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  As an "unwilling" resident of Indiana, I'd have to say that none of this really comes as much of a surprise. This is likely the most backward place in the Americas. That some mindless moron could get a teacher fired for stating a simple truth that had nothing to do with anything other than the teacher's free expression of a belief or opinion simply speaks to the idiocy and arrested development that personify the very obvious majority mind of this intellectual backwater. (The best thing to happen to our nation, in recent memory, was that the Indiana governor decided not to run for the office of U.S. President - yet!)

   Where, one might ask, are the "champions" of the Constitution, who call themselves the ACLU? If anyone really cared about freedom and civil rights, in this bastion of BS, the teacher would have a battery of 50 lawyers fighting with the media for access to the limelight.

    As for the "father", we should all keep an eye on the kid, who is discovering the hard way one of the few certain truths in life: None of us get to chose our blood relatives.


Comment by James Eldridge
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All of us will endure more of the same as we have unelected officals in Washington that direct such to happen on a daily basis. Why? Because they know that they have diluted the public drinking water to dumb down the masses and by doing so, they have gained control over a huge portion of the U.S. public. One thing about that diluted drinking water for those that have opened their minds. It is of no effect any longer. Once you have your eyes opened, they cannot ever cause you to shut them again. 

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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 Is the  the insanity ever going to stop? How much more madness are we going to endure?

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