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Gabby Giffords returns to Congress and helps House pass debt compromise

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Just a day before the United States faces financial default, House lawmakers approved a compromise bill that will raise the nation's debt ceiling in exchange for trillions of dollars in federal spending cuts. The bill, approved 269 to 161, will increase the debt ceiling by at least $2 trillion as well as cut roughly the same amount in federal spending over the next decade

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Glad to see that Representative Giffords was able to "return to work". She has been very lucky, and that's a good thing. I'm sure there are those sub-human pretenders to insight and erudition who are dismayed at her recovery, but I don't know any of them. She was one of the few "good guys" and didn't deserve what happened - nor did any of the other victims.

    Sadly, watching the fawning over her by the worthless mob of politicos only reminded me of the out-pouring that is engendered by the untimely death of a police officer (even a dog). MY observation, only: I believe that most cops are considred to be somewhat expendable, by the "powers that be". When a cop is killed or severely injured - especially, in the line - cops can do no wrong for at least a week or two. The system wrings every last bit of sympathy and empathy it can from the officer's or agent's misfortune: Eulogies are reported and filmed; widows and children are slobbered over; and "everybody knew him/her when". There is usually an outcry for more invasive laws, larger budgets, and more government intervention. Smarmy dillatantes vie frantically for photo ops and memorial and services are planned and held. But for the facts, I'd have sworn the representative was a "dead cop"!

   How can anyone even pretend to respect these slugs? They are so far into their sociopathic dellusions as to not care - know - that they are the standard by which reasonable and intelligent people of honor and integrity judge the lack of reason, honor, and integrity.

    I wish the Representative well. I won't say what I really think of those who would use her terrible misfortune for their own aggrandizement.  

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