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Th-th-th-That's all folks - Barack Obama and Porky Pig (Video)

• The Political Commentator

Porky Pig and Barack Obama! When Porky Pig says "That's all folks" it is to let us know that a funny and enjoyable cartoon episode is coming to an end. It is an extremely benign use of the word signaling that something good is now over. When Barack Obama talks about the folks around the country it is to let us know that his attempt to destroy our economy and our nation is unendingly marching on. It is a toxic use of that benign word signaling that something terrible will be ongoing until his reign, and the reign of the Democrats as majority party in the Senate, ends in the 2012 election. Is President Obama really concerned about the American people, or with changing the culture and economy to resemble that of Europe? The faux concern expressed by President Obama when invoking the word folks may have worked on some people once upon a time, but the bloom is off of the rose and that dog just won't hunt anymore for the majority of Americans.

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