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Super Congress: Obama and the 12 Apostles

Today the same traitors in the congress (that have brought on all these DEBTS and are currently leading the largest wealth-transfer in the history of the world) now want to create a"SUPER-CONGRESS." This criminal-body will be composed of just twelve individuals that will bypass the constitutionally-mandated 535 members of Congress (in order to give themselves cover (to do what congress was NEVER AUTHORTIZAED to do) which is to by-pass the public entirely. The purpose today in this soon to be enacted ESCAPE FROM THE CONSTITUTION, was designed to end the Second Amendment to the Constitution so that they can end the public's right to own or bear arms. "WASHINGTON -- In order to shore up GOP support for a deal to raise the debt ceiling, Senate Democrats are exploring ways of giving the proposed "super Congress" even greater super powers, according to multiple news reports and congressional aides with knowledge of the plan. Under the new proposal, if the new legislative body, made up of six Democrats and six Republicans from both chambers, doesn't come up with a bill that cuts at least $1.5 trillion by Thanksgiving, entitlement programs will automatically be slashed. Under the reported framework, legislation the new congressional committee writes would be fast-tracked through Congress and could not be filibustered or amended.

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Comment by Marie Treloar
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 It is not Constitutional, it should not be allowed. There are no restrictions of what they can do under secrecy.

Comment by James Eldridge
Entered on: - This site will show you what the hand single means. View it on the right, center bottom second from left. The more this info gets out to the public the less chance this baffoon will have a chance of getting reelected. Those that put him in office want him there for another four years and will make it look like he is still the choice of millions when he is not.

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