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6 Creepy New Weapons the Police and Military Use To Subdue Unarmed People

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The US is at the forefront of an international arms development effort that includes a remarkable assortment of technologies, which look and sound like they belong in a Hollywood science fiction thriller. From microwave energy blasters and blinding laser beams, to chemical agents and deafening sonic blasters, these weapons are at the cutting edge of crowd control. The Pentagon's approved term for these weapons is "non-lethal" or "less-lethal" and they are intended for use against the unarmed. Designed to control crowds, clear streets, subdue and restrain individuals and secure borders, they are the 21st century's version of the police baton, pepper spray and tear gas. As journalist Ando Arike puts it, "The result is what appears to be the first arms race in which the opponent is the general population." The demand for non-lethal weapons (NLW) is rooted in the rise of television. In the 1960s and '70s the medium let everyday Americans witness the violent tactics used to suppress the civil rights and anti-war movements. Today’s rapid advancements in media and telecommunications technologies allow people to record and publicize images and video of undue force more than ever before. Authorities are well aware of how images of violence play out publicly. In 1997, a joint report from the Pentagon and the Justice Department warned: "A further consideration that affects how the military and law enforcement apply force is the greater presence of members of the media or other civilians who are observing, if not recording, the situation. Even the lawful application of force can be misrepresented to or misunderstood by the public. More than ever, the police and the military must be highly discreet when applying force."

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Please don't think for a minute that this is some wild-eyed, right-wing attempt to discredit the government - they discredit themselves, daily and without anyone elses assistance.

   I've been trying to warn anyone who would listen that the purpose of just about every military and governmental weapons development system is to control the greater mass of civilians. These people know that they can only abuse some of the people some of the time; and, by the time they get around to abusing "all the people all of the time", they will have to resort to open warfare on the greater mass of civilians who finally wake up and decide they really don't want to be enslaved or sent to camps for their stupidity and outrageous demands of rights and freedoms that they think they are guaranteed and entitled to, because they live in a "democracy" and are "governed by a constitution".

   The next battlefront is coming to Main Steet, USA. The "powers" are using your money to develop the tools with which to subjugate you should you be fool enough to believe and demand your "rights".

    That they are even entertaining the notion(s) means the battle is lost. Perhaps, if anyone had gotten off their dead ----- and paid attention (baby boomers, in particular), instead of whining about the draft, legalizing drugs, burning a bra, being asked to participate in their culture, dragging first-class women down to second-class status through failed "lib" machinations, social inequities, and then selling out to the highest bidder, we'd still have somehting resembling a representative republic, instead of a get-rich-quick scheme for snotty little elitists brats, who couldn't care less about the people they mistreat and murder.

   We've all been screwed by the least of our kind for 1,000 years-plus. Sadly, I fear their plan(s) are finally coming to fruition. There is no such thing as a "national will" in this country. We are still seeking salvation through "institutionalized superstition". Even at the dawn of the 21st Century, we still immulate the European model of butchering our fellow man in order to establish or maintain a self-ascribed and infantile ethnocentric superiority. And, no matter what social, anthropological, or political definition is applied to "civilization", we are witnessing the end of it!!!!!

   Grab yoour kids and hug them. Then...get down on your knees and beg their forgivness. If you can still look them in the eye, explain just how eaten up with dumbass you really have been and are.

    I have no children, strictly because I decided  while in the Marines that I wouldn't be able to justify abusing any unsuspecting child, by forcing this crap on him or her. It was one of the few truly shining moments that I can recall to lift my spirits. (On a very personal level, I still believe that giving birth is "child abuse". It should be link to the future of humankind, and likely would be if humans were truly human.)


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