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Rick Perry, "Bilderberg's Boy" Wants Americans To Pray For Deliverance

There's a Presidential election coming up, and that means that the candidates have started to do and say anything to get elected. One of the (unofficial) candidates, Texas Governor Rick Perry (R), has started saying some stuff that should scare the bejeezus out of many ordinary Americans. Specifically, Perry is saying that one reason our country's problems are so intractable is "because we are a nation that has not honored God in our successes or humbly called on Him in our struggles." And Perry's going to fix that. On August 6th, he's going to be leading a huge prayer rally called The Response, in which he will call upon Americans to "pray and fast" so God will forgive us and help us fix the country. Perry is leading this prayer rally, political analysts say, so he can win over evangelical Christian voters, who make up 60% of GOP voters in two key early primary states, Iowa and South Carolina. And if that's all he's doing at the prayer rally--saying stuff that these voters want to hear--then he'll be doing just what every other politician is doing, so we shouldn't get too worked up about it.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Rick Perry is right about God's people turning their backs on Him in some ways. And he is right that God's people should pray for deliverance.

So, what kind of deliverance should God's people pray for? If you are over 100 years old, what kind of deliverance should you pray for? Life shows us that not many people over 100 years old get delivered from much of anything other than life.

Anybody who is a REAL Christian, and holds a high position in Government, must have a cast-iron stomach, to put up with all the lies, deceit and oath-breaking he or she has to do on a daily basis just to remaining in Government.

And one thing is certain. If he is not an ardent, forceful activist, trying to re-establish the concepts of Constitutionalism within Government, by constantly introducing bills to repeal the many stupid, anti-Constitutional laws, he is extremely ignorant and shouldn't be in office, or he is the enemy and shouldn't be in office.

One thing more, DO pray for deliverance. And then fight for it, whatever it may be.

Comment by G Cone
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This motherfucker scares the crap out of me. I would cordially invite him to shove jesus up his ass. 

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