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Fictional Straw Family Debuts on YouTube Courtesy of Ontario Government

Here, we have the YouTube debut of the strawgirl, who marries the strawman and together they give birth to strawbabies…it’s a whole fictional family! How charming.

Open on a blank table with Jennifer’s Ontario Birth Certificate. A paper cut out of Jennifer as a baby pops out of the card and crawls over to her Health Card. A cut out of Jennifer as a child pops up from the Health Card and moves over with the camera to her Driver’s Licence. A cut out teenage Jennifer pops up and “drives” towards a Marriage Licence. Jennifer walks onto the marriage licence as a male cut out Brian pops up. The camera follows them as they walk side by side towards a wedding arch cut out that pops up.

Fictional Straw Family Debuts on YouTube Courtesy of Ontario Government

Fictional Straw Family Debuts on YouTube Courtesy of Ontario Government

Voice Over: Every transaction with the Ontario Government is a part of your story. And now there are more ways to connect at every turn.

The couple walks onto a ‘Change of Address’ form where a small bungalow cut out pops up. The couple walks into the bungalow, which then pops down behind them. They continue to walk along the form, now with a baby pram. A cut out fence pops up, followed by a cut out of a bigger house. The camera follows the family as they enter the house.

Voice Over: Just click, call, visit a kiosk or a centre.
We cut to a quick montage of ServiceOntario checkpoints. We see a computer, a phone, a ServiceOntario kiosk, and a ServiceOntario centre.

Voice Over: We’re at your service, Ontario.
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“How You Became A Commodity: The Creation Of Constructive Trusts” by Ed McCabe

“The 14th Amendment to the Constitution created a secondary class of citizens so the slaves could become federal citizens and be “freed.” The only problem today, is that most people have been duped into giving up their Sovereignty to become second class federal citizens.

In America we … do not become federal citizens unless we legally are duped into swearing allegiance to the federal state. Trouble is, nobody tells us this, because New World Order society planners want to enslave us to the federal debt we did not create, and make us pay and pay because they maneuvered the United States into bankruptcy in the 1930′s. We have been sold into economic slavery. Not just “we,” but specifically your own personal body has been sold without anyone telling you.” Read More from Ed McCabe.

There are two political jurisdictions in America. You have a choice to quit working for the Federal Corporation and join your fellow humanity:

“The president is the Chief Executive Officer of this corporation we call

the United States of America…”
Congressman Allen West on the Judge Napolitano Show, March 2011

Check out A Journey to Freedom, the Story of Burt:…

Music is by Gilad Atzmon, In Loving Memory of America…

Worried about being thrown in debtor’s prison, or never being able to get out of a student loan that never paid off in any appreciable way anyways? Why not just sell one of your organs?…

“The private prison population has grown 353.7 percent in the past 15 years, according to a study by the Justice Policy Institute. Major private prison companies have an incentive to encourage policies which keep that number on the rise.”…

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